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Living Well

Family photoYour family, your health, your life

Living Well depends on healthy relationships.  For most of us the beginning of a relationship will go well.  But later on the relationship begins to fail or we lose interest.

Here are 5 skills to help you gain an emotional intelligence in your relationships.

The ability to:

  • manage stress
  • manage emotions
  • communicate nonverbally
  • use humor and play
  • resolve conflict

Learn how to improve your relationships (Helpguide.org)


Family Life:

Family BathroomFamilies are complicated.  We live together and we fight each other and we love each other.  Sometime we need support to become better at parenting, growing up and growing old.

Support for Parents, Children and Elders

Parenting Skills: An excellent guide for parents (WebMD)

Start your search here at the Drug Free America site :
  Partnership for Drug Free America  - protecting your children

Another guide: KidsHealth

Co-Parenting and Blended Families:  

Eldercare: Helping parents and children with aging.

Your Health

Support for physical and mental health

Crisis Resources

Suicide hotlines, domestic and child abuse, addiction, missing children

Healthy Adults, children, seniors

Marriage and Relationships

Grief, loss, bereavement

Working Well

Employee picture Improving Performance

Finding balance between our work and our family is difficult.  When we are out of balance problems occur in our personal relationships and perhaps in our job performance. 

Support for workers often includes:

  • Counseling for troubled employees
  • Assessment and referral for poor performance
  • Recognizing Drug & Alcohol Abuse
  • Dealing with Sexual Harassment
  • Preventing Violence in the Workplace

When you may need counseling

Late for work again.  Can't seem to get any rest.  Not sleeping well.  Unable to concentrate.  Performance is off.  You seem to have lost your passion for work.  Your performance may be due to depression or stress.  Learn to manage stress and fight depression. 

From helpguide.org.
How to Reduce, Prevent and Cope with Stress
Understanding Depression


Substance Abuse

woman looking in distanceYou can lose your job because of addiction to alcohol or drugs. 

As a provider of Employee Assistance Programs we have one recommendation:  Get Support.  Call your EAP provider or call us - we can help.

- get an evaluation:
- get counseling: 
- take action:

Sites we endorse:
Helpguide.org  - excellent non-profit general source
Partnership for Drug Free America 
Drug Free Workplace - SAMHSA
How to Find  AA Meetings
Find a  Substance Abuse and Mental Health Center
Al-Anon and A lateen  -  Support for Families

Finding Professional Support:

Find a Lawyer

Find a Doctor

Environmental Health


Financial Issues and Money Management

Money, Taxes, Consumer Protection (USA Gov)

SmartAboutMoney.org - Smart Money Management Tips to Help With Life's Financial Decisions

Money Management - MSN Money

Practical Money Management Skills

Yahoo Finance


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Work-Life Services

Resources to help families live happier, healthier lives.

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Your Health

Wellness 2000 is pleased to announce our on-line content offering
-Your Health

Please use our site to find answers about disease, to gain motivation for your diet & fitness program and to find resources for work, home or family concerns. 


We can set up your flu clinic and help you plan for flu season. 

Call us and we will tell you how to flu proof your business. 800-866-8344 or email Mark

Weight Management

- Nutrition and Fitness in an 8 week program.

- Classroom sessions or online Coaching.

Losing weight is difficult.  Make sure your program provides support - friends, family or a coach.  We all need a little help.

 If a plan like ours sounds appealing give us a call at 1-800-866-8344 or email info@wellness2000