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Your Health

Welcome to the content portion of our website.  At Wellness 2000,  we believe that improving your health requires knowledge and action taken in four key areas.  Please use the links below to explore and expand your understanding of these concepts

Health Assessment:

What are health assessments and what are the primary risk factors to your health.

Nutrition and Fitness:

How you can improve your health through nutrition and fitness.  The why and how of nutrition and fitness.


The current status of the influenza pandemic and methods to prevent spread of the disease.

Living and Working Well:

Helping individuals and families cope with the difficulties of modern life: 


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Resources to help families live happier, healthier lives.

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Your Health

Wellness 2000 is pleased to announce our on-line content offering
-Your Health

Please use our site to find answers about disease, to gain motivation for your diet & fitness program and to find resources for work, home or family concerns. 


We can set up your flu clinic and help you plan for flu season. 

Call us and we will tell you how to flu proof your business. 800-866-8344 or email Mark

Weight Management

- Nutrition and Fitness in an 8 week program.

- Classroom sessions or online Coaching.

Losing weight is difficult.  Make sure your program provides support - friends, family or a coach.  We all need a little help.

 If a plan like ours sounds appealing give us a call at 1-800-866-8344 or email info@wellness2000