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What are Wellness Coaches?

Wellness coaches (including executive wellness coaches) work with individuals to help them improve all areas of wellness including fitness, nutrition, weight, stress, health and management of the life issues that impact health.

Role of a Wellness Coach:

A close relationship and partnership with a coach, providing the structure, accountability, expertise, and inspiration to enable you to learn, grow and develop beyond what you can do alone.

A coach can help you identify and clarify the priorities and areas for development.

Coaches partner with you to help you get from Point A to point b while YOU define Point B.

Coaches employ a diverse array of assessment, psychological, and behavioral change tools to empower you to take charge, connect with your deepest motivators so you can learn how to grow and change.

Scheduling coaching sessions weekly or as needed, by telephone or in person, individual or group for three months or longer can help you clarify where you want to go and work with you to get there.

A coach can help you make sustainable changes in self-understanding, self concept and behavior.

Finding the right coach can help you move a new place in your life. Having a coach is particularly powerful when you decide to fully commit to making significant changes in one or more areas of your current health and lifestyle practices.


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Your Health

Wellness 2000 is pleased to announce our on-line content offering
-Your Health

Please use our site to find answers about disease, to gain motivation for your diet & fitness program and to find resources for work, home or family concerns. 


We can set up your flu clinic and help you plan for flu season. 

Call us and we will tell you how to flu proof your business. 800-866-8344 or email Mark

Weight Management

- Nutrition and Fitness in an 8 week program.

- Classroom sessions or online Coaching.

Losing weight is difficult.  Make sure your program provides support - friends, family or a coach.  We all need a little help.

 If a plan like ours sounds appealing give us a call at 1-800-866-8344 or email info@wellness2000