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Wellness 2000

 woman holding applewhere your health is our mission
          and great health is our goal

As one of the longest running private wellness programs in the country, Wellness 2000 combines a deep sense of purpose with a proven track record of excellence and results. We focus on the needs of your organization.

Wellness 2000 helps companies build comprehensive wellness programs.  Our approach is affordable for the small business and scalable for larger companies in multiple locations. Let us build a corporate wellness program tailored to your company.

Why Wellness:

In analyzing health costs the Safeway corporation found that 74% of health costs were due to four chronic conditions: heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.  Safeway also determined that 70% of health costs were driven up or down by behavior. 


Cost Savings:

Over four years, Safeway's per-capita health-care expenses remained flat, while the rest of American business has seen a 40% increase.  Safeway held costs down not by cutting health care or increasing employee costs. They introduced a wellness program that was well received by their employees. 80% of participants rate the program as good or excellent. Read More: Wall Street Journal, 19 June 2009 (Reference)

 Awareness and Intervention

Safeway changed the company culture and employee behavior by educating their employees on the status of their health and then providing support measures to help change behavior. These changes included education and incentives for smoking cessation, healthy nutrition and physical exercise.  

At Wellness 2000 we help companies build these kinds of wellness programs.  They require extensive planning and promotion, but they are affordable by businesses of all sizes.


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 Why Wellness 2000

Simply stated - we have been doing this for a long time and we have developed a program that works.  Our method generates high participation rates.  To participation we add smart intervention and environmental program changes. This technique produces positive, measurable results. Our programs begin with what we call "Personalized Care".

Personalized Care

Success begins with the individual. We meet each employee, in person, face to face, to talk one on one about their lives and their health. Consultations take place privately and focus on the individual needs of each employee.


While other wellness programs often have 35% participation rate, our average participation rate is 75%. Why? Because we are actively engaged on a personal level with every person we serve. Getting and maintaining a high participation rate is a key deliverable for our company and for yours.


The earlier we catch a medical abnormality, the easier it is to manage, and the less it interferes with every day life. By performing health awareness and intervention measures in a personalized environment, your employees become much more fully involved and committed to changing to healthy behaviors. 

A commitment to good health is a commitment to excellence in the workplace.  Let us build a program for you.


Wellness 2000, Inc.
           1175 E. Main, Suite 2F       
Medford, OR 97504

     Phone: 800-866-8344   
                email: info@wellness2000.com

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Your Health

Wellness 2000 is pleased to announce our on-line content offering
-Your Health

Please use our site to find answers about disease, to gain motivation for your diet & fitness program and to find resources for work, home or family concerns. 


We can set up your flu clinic and help you plan for flu season. 

Call us and we will tell you how to flu proof your business. 800-866-8344 or email Mark

Weight Management

- Nutrition and Fitness in an 8 week program.

- Classroom sessions or online Coaching.

Losing weight is difficult.  Make sure your program provides support - friends, family or a coach.  We all need a little help.

 If a plan like ours sounds appealing give us a call at 1-800-866-8344 or email info@wellness2000