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Beer and Car KeysTools for Managers; Benefits for Employees

Today's managers are working to boost morale, reduce employee turnover, and increase productivity through effective employee assistance programs.

Bad things happen to all of us. Employee assistance provides managers and employees with the tools to manage difficult issues. There are a variety of EAPs in existence. What sets Wellness 2000 apart is that we offer a hands on approach, and our staff are certified professional counselors. When referrals are required we utilize professionals in your area. Services consist of prevention, training, consultation and crisis response.

tools for managers

  • Counseling for troubled employees
  • Assessment and referral for poor performance
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Consultation and Training
  • Recognizing Drug & Alcohol Abuse
  • Dealing with Sexual Harassment
  • Preventing Violence in the Workplace


benefits for employees

  • Emergency counseling - toll-free, 24 hour service (800-866-8344).
  • Professional counselors to help with issues of  anger, marriage, depression, and addiction.
  • Consumer debt issues - consult with a financial advisor.
  • Legal questions - confer with an attorney.
  • Career concerns  -  support to improve and enhance.
  • Confidentiality - your privacy is fully protected.

EAP Services

worker on forklift 24 Hour Toll-free access   (800-866-8344)

Assessment and Referral:

Emergency Counseling: 

  • Toll-free, 24 hour telephone service.   Emergency sessions scheduled within 24 hours.
  • Assessment and Referral is conducted by masters-level professional counselor; counseling is provided within three working days.
  • Personal counseling:
    • Mental Health
    • Marriage, family and parenting
    • Anger management
    • Depression and grief
    • Addictions and co-dependency.
  • Legal: consultation with an attorney - highly utilized service; 90% of problems resolved during the initial conference.
  • Consumer Debt: Counseling on credit card and consumer loan payments, debt consolidation, negotiating with creditors and budgeting.

Critical Incident Stress Management  (CISM):

When a traumatic event occurs in the workplace, Wellness 2000 immediately provides CISM counselors for on-site intervention.  Support begins within 24 hours.  Debriefings and/or continuing services take place in the days following the event.

Conflict Resolution and Mediation:

Conflicts arise in all workplace settings. These conflicts present an opportunity to enhance communication and make the organization better. Wellness 2000' associates quickly address conflicts and help employees work through concerns. Our Conflict Resolution and Mediation Program includes education, training, and direct intervention and mediation.

Supervisor Consultations: 

All of us have personal problems.  When employees bring personal issues to the workplace. performance suffers.   Wellness 2000 assists managers in determining if an employee should remain in the workplace, which EAP services may be appropriate and how to return an employee to full productivity.

Training Programs:

Wellness 2000 offers on-site supervisor training to help build a stronger management team. We provide basic and intermediate level skill training in how to deal with specific issues. These include:

  • Sexual harassment awareness
  • Recognizing drug and alcohol abuse
  • Dealing with change and outplacement
  • Implementing drug-free workplace
  • Working with a depressed employee
  • Preventing violence in the workplace


Confidentiality is integral in all the business operations of Wellness 2000, Inc. We adhere to strict policies, procedures and standards of confidentiality assuring compliance with the Privacy Act and HIPAA.

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