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Wellness 2000 offers a wide range of corporate and management training programs to improve your people, your team and your business. Our focus is personalized care and prevention. By that we mean success begins with face-to-face training at the worksite.

Our training programs are

... designed to enhance employee health and to enable managers to better deal with employee issues. Sessions are conducted on-site and customized to the unique needs of your organization. 

Listed below are some of more popular training programs.  Call us today to discuss your training requirements.

Supervisor Skills: Building Better Managers

A series of trainings for specific supervisor/management issues, such as:

  • Making a Good Team Better
  • Supervising the Troubled Employee
  • Managing Employees During Change and Transition
  • Preventing Harassment and Discrimination
  • Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Performance Management Without Pain
  • Workplace Diversity: Valuing Differences

Answering concerns of health and safety; building a positive workplace

  • Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Recognizing Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • HIV/AIDS and other Infectious Disease
  • Disaster Planning - Crucial for Business
  • Conflict Resolution

Improving Health

  • Quitting the Big "T" - Tobacco
  • Weight Management: our alternative to popular diets of today
  • Coronary Disease, Cholesterol Reduction and Blood Pressure Risk Management
  • Managing the New Epidemic: Diabetes
  • Anti-Aging: A Magic Pill
  • Cancer Detection and Prevention
  • Managing Asthma
  • Understanding Food Labels
  • Using Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements
  • Laughter for Health
  • Improving Strength, Flexibility and Cardiovascular Stamina

Living Well: solutions for home and work

  • Critical Communication Skills: bridging the gaps of generation, culture and gender
  • Networking and Career Self-Reliance
  • Affordable Eldercare Solutions
  • Parenting Your Teenager
  • Overcoming Self-Defeating Behaviors
  • Simplify Your Life
  • Unplug the Christmas Tree
  • Working Toward Financial Security

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Your Health

Wellness 2000 is pleased to announce our on-line content offering
-Your Health

Please use our site to find answers about disease, to gain motivation for your diet & fitness program and to find resources for work, home or family concerns. 


We can set up your flu clinic and help you plan for flu season. 

Call us and we will tell you how to flu proof your business. 800-866-8344 or email Mark

Weight Management

- Nutrition and Fitness in an 8 week program.

- Classroom sessions or online Coaching.

Losing weight is difficult.  Make sure your program provides support - friends, family or a coach.  We all need a little help.

 If a plan like ours sounds appealing give us a call at 1-800-866-8344 or email info@wellness2000