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woman exercisingTargeting Health, Lifestyle and Medical Risks

Others talk about customer service; at Wellness 2000 it is our reason to be in business. We are here to help you create a healthy, vibrant, thriving workplace with energetic employees.

Wellness 2000 services are performed on-site at your place of business.  We conduct a comprehensive series of tests including a blood profile,  fitness evaluation and stress inventory. The tests and evaluations are tailored to your company needs and budget. Individual and corporate health results are briefed as appropriate.  We educate on health risk factors and provide immediate intervention for high risk individuals.  We recommend vaccinations appropriate to your workplace.  Finally, we offer health fairs, personal training and health coaching.

Our Wellness Services

Health Risk Assessment - designed by our medical staff to provide a wide-ranging assessment of health risk factors.  Individuals at high risk are identified and immediately referred to a physician.   Includes a blood profile, fitness tests,  stress assessment and specialized laboratory tests. We present the individual with a personal report and the company with a group summary of employee health risks.  Our staff  confers with each participate on their individual results and the strategies they can use to reduce health risks.

  • Personal Wellness Profile - a written or on-line survey. Collects information on medical history and risk factors  in 15 health categories.
  • Blood Profile: We offer a comprehensive blood test screen for multiple disease and lifestyle risk factors or a basic finger-stick blood test for coronary lipid and glucose evaluation. Advanced Blood and Laboratory Tests are offered for specific health concerns such as prostate cancer and colon cancer.
  • medical workerFitness Evaluation - health and fitness measurements that target physical risk factors. Examples are:
    • Vital signs
    • BMI and Body Fat Composition
    • Respiratory Function
    • Musculoskeletal strength, flexibility and endurance evaluation
    • Cardiovascular Fitness Evaluation
  • Stress Profile - an evaluation of multiple sources of stress and the impact of stress on physical and mental health.

 Individualized Reports

Individualized Reports combine responses from the Personal Wellness Survey, the blood test report, fitness results and stress inventory into a written report with recommendations for the participant.  Comparison and Trend reports are generated in subsequent years.

Individual Consultations

Each Individual is counseled on-site or by telephone to address health concerns and guide the individual with developing a personal health program. These consultations are vital for stimulating health behavior change.

Aggregate Corporate Reports

Aggregate Corporate Reports provide managers a summary of health risks for the participant group with recommendations for interventions to lower significant risk areas.  Only summary trends are reported to maintain confidentiality of individual data.

Education and Training Programs

Corporate education and training programs are conducted at the worksite on current health topics and customized to the specific needs and health risks of the organization.


Vaccinations are provided at your worksite for flu, pneumonia, tetanus, and hepatitis .

woman holding an apple Risk Intervention

Risk intervention programs use incentive, education and intervention to target reduction of identified risks.  Examples include weight management, smoking cessation, walking and fitness challenge programs.

Individual Follow-up Consultation

Participants are provided a telephonic or on-site consultation by a registered nurse or health promotion specialist at one, three, six and nine month intervals for high-risk participants to support, inform and provide feedback on their risk reduction efforts.

Incentive Program Development and Administration:

Wellness 2000 provides resources and assistance for the development, implementation and administration of an Incentive Program based on your company guidelines and goals.

Health Fairs

Health Fairs are worksite-coordinated events to draw on community and health organization for health education, health screenings, and activities in nutrition, fitness, and other health activities.

sessions to monitor and support fitness, nutrition and stress management regimens.

man at exercise class Coaching for Wellness and Personal Training

Wellness coaches (including executive wellness coaches) work with individuals to help them improve all areas of wellness including fitness, nutrition, weight, stress, health and management of the life issues that impact health.

Health in Motion Newsletter:

Our quarterly newsletter designed to reinforce and extend healthy lifestyles.


Confidentiality is integral in all the business operations of Wellness 2000, Inc. We adhere to strict policies, procedures and standards of confidentiality assuring compliance with the Privacy Act and HIPAA.

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