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Employee Assistance

Why Employee Assistance Programs?

Today’s managers work hard to boost morale, reduce employee turnover, and increase productivity. Wellness 2000’s nationally-recognized Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides managers and employees with the tools to manage difficult issues. We help manage employee and family stressors, and we offer counseling to foster a work-life balance. When referrals are required, we utilize professionals in your area. Our services consist of prevention, assessment, training, professional counseling, and crisis response. Businesses utilizing our EAP services can expect reduced health care and disability claims costs, more productive employees, and a more engaging work climate with fewer inter-group conflicts.

Tools for Employees

Assessment and Referral

Master’s-level professional counselors provide screenings to quickly assess the relevant issues and refer employees to the best service. We schedule longitudinal follow-ups for mental health concerns and substance abuse problems.

Emergency Counseling

24-Hour Toll-Free Access for every employee at (800) 866-8344

Professional Counseling

Help with mental health issues such as anger, relationships, parenting, depression, grief, and addiction.

Consumer Debt Guidance

Consultation with a financial advisor to cover topics including credit card and consumer loans, debt consolidation, budgeting, and negotiating with creditors.

Legal Questions

Consultation with an attorney. 90% of problems are resolved after the initial conference in this highly utilized service.

Career Concerns

Support to improve and enhance careers.

Confidentiality: Everyone’s privacy is fully protected. We adhere to strict policies, procedures, and standards of confidentiality, assuring compliance with the Privacy Act and HIPAA.

Tools for Managers

Conflict Resolution and Mediation

Conflicts arise in all workplace settings. These conflicts present an opportunity to enhance communication and make your organization better. Wellness 2000’s associates quickly address conflicts and help employees work through concerns. Our Conflict Resolution and Mediation Program includes education, training, and direct intervention.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

When a traumatic event occurs in the workplace, Wellness 2000 immediately provides CISM counselors for on-site intervention. Support begins within 24 hours. Debriefings and/or continuing services take place in the days following the event.

Supervisor Consultations

When employees bring personal issues to the workplace, performance suffers. Wellness 2000 helps managers determine if an employee should remain in the workplace, which EAP services may be appropriate, and how to return an employee to full productivity. Our consultation topics include:

  • Counseling for troubled employees
  • Assessment and referral for poor performance
  • Critical incident stress management
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Recognizing drug & alcohol abuse
  • Dealing with sexual harassment
  • Preventing violence in the workplace