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Health & Safety Programs

Why Health & Safety Programs?

It is most important that we understand wellness is an integral part of an overall workplace safety and health program – over the years this has become more evident.

Key Health & Safety Program Points

Full engagement and visible participation of the leadership and management is KEY to success!

Promotion of health and safety only works in a culture where the “Boss” and top managers place a high priority on employee health and well-being as part of the company’s core mission. The next step is to gain support of supervisors and leaders throughout the organization. With the organization providing full support and commitment to wellness, the employees will see the importance of the program and they will participate.

Build a comprehensive program to create a culture of “Total Health, Safety and Well-being”.

All components of safety and wellness need to be integrated into a comprehensive program. They should not operate in isolation as “stand alone” services, which typically do not demonstrate long-term effectiveness. The Wellness and Employee Assistance Programs have to work with your Safety and Human Resources/Benefits departments to truly develop a culture of total well-being.

There is no “one size fits all solution” to workplace safety and health.

A successful program is customized for the company culture and work environment. We have to listen to the needs and goals of the employer and employees. A strong wellness committee and detailed planning are key to success.

Going the Distance

Wellness 2000 Featured in OSHA Health & Safety Resource

Bea Berry, president, CEO, and founder of Wellness 2000, Inc., says the influence of the digital age – and the distraction that frequently comes with it – is an emerging issue in workplace safety and heal.

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