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Workplace Screenings

High blood pressure prompts more doctor visits than any other condition. A 10 percent decrease in the number of visits would save employers $450 million in medical costs each year.

source: National Health Institute, 2007

Why Workplace Screenings?

Screenings are customizable to each business, and measure the individual and overall wellness state of your staff. What does your business wish to accomplish regarding wellness? Our comprehensive screenings are a great place to start, gathering information on the topics that matter most to you and your employees. Screenings can be bundled and customized to fit your goals, and may be conveniently offered on-site to improve participation rates. Screenings are conducted privately by professional health screeners, and reports are given after with specific health data, recommendations for improvement, and wellness tips. Our Health Risk Assessments also provide annual trends and lifestyle change recommendations.

Workplace Screenings

Personal Wellness Profile

This is a preliminary survey that collects information about medical history and risk factors in fifteen health categories.

Blood Profile

We offer a comprehensive blood test screen for multiple disease and lifestyle risk factors. Alternately we offer a basic finger-stick blood test to evaluate coronary lipid and glucose levels. Advanced blood and laboratory tests are offered for specific health concerns such as prostate cancer and colon cancer.

Biometric Evaluation

We provide personalized health and fitness measurements that target physical risk factors. These include vital signs, BMI, respiratory function, cardiovascular fitness evaluation, and musculoskeletal strength, flexibility and endurance evaluation.

Stress Profile

This assessment covers multiple sources of stress, and the impact of stress on physical and mental health.